Guide to Managing Allegations Made against Employees

Workplace bully

Misconduct, sexual harassment, discrimination are some forms of allegations that employers have to deal with at one point of their working period. These allegations may be stressful, unpleasant and disruptive to handle by the employer. To minimise the risk of incurring cost for a legal proceedings, as an employer you need to deal with the problem fully. Ensure to deal with any allegations made fairly and according to natural justice without favouring any party. By going this article you will learn effective means of handling allegations made by your employees effectively.

You will need to conduct an investigation when an employee comes to you with claims of allegations, either sexual, discrimination or misconduct. Call the two employees in your office one at a time to explain the situation as it happened. To identify contradicting statements by the employees, try an d ask questions like where and what the employees were at the time of the incidence. To ensure a fair and just investigation, select other parties different from the accused and accuser closer co-workers to carry out the investigation. You may hire a private consulting agency at a fee to offer investigating services at your workplace over the frequent allegations being made. Visit website here!

Most organisation have policy documents that illustrate procedures to be taken during certain events, use the document and follow the guidelines on dealing with employees complaints.  You will have to make a decision as to whether the allegations were true by ensuring the team you select to carry out the investigation will definitely manage to collect relevant findings that you will use to make a decision. Its quite likely that the if its true the accused committed an allegation, the chances of issuing threats to the team causing interference to the investigation, view more!

Some serious allegations such as sexual harassment may require the intervention of the authorities as its considered a national offence. Inform the employee of the results of the investigation and that the allegations made are to and to be ready to accept the consequences from your judgement as the employer. The weight of the allegations should guide you as to whether to suspend the employee for to dismiss the employee for good for a major allegation. For employees with a high rank, engage the managing board to provide the best disciplinary actions to take. To get more tips on how to choose the best business, visit

Finally, ensure to keep some of the allegations made such as sexual harassment and discrimination as confidential while you sort the matter out. For sexual harassment allegations, keeping the allegation confidential is essential to avoid damaging the reputation of both the accuser and accused.


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